> User location
x:{{userLocation.coords.0}} y:{{userLocation.coords.1}} z:{{userLocation.coords.2}}
To center
{{userLocation.distance | byfour}} ly
To dest
{{common.selectedDestinationObj.distance | byfour}} ly
Estimated jumps
{{common.selectedDestinationObj.jumps}} ({{common.jumpRange}}ly hyperdrive)
Degrees from center
{{common.degrees}} {{common.degreesDir}}

To reach {{common.selectedDestinationName}} follow this direction:
Looking at the center, turn {{common.degrees}} degrees to your {{common.degreesDir}}

Your optimal jump distance to a target in red Black Hole ring is: {{common.selectedDestinationObj.distanceLineal}} ly

Draw hint
Write your last distance shown after going through Black Hole
you are {{common.heightDiff}} region(s) {{common.heightDir}} {{common.selectedDestinationName}}
X Z {{center.name}} {{userLocation.name}} {{dest.name}}
> Civilizations of the Federation
Loading info from wiki
This is a list of civilizations (communities) that belong to the NMS Federation. Click one to select it as target for your travels.
It will be saved as the default destination on future visits to this website.

{{item.distanceToUser | byfour}} ly to user
{{item.jumpsToUser}} jumps distance
> Destinations
Custom destinations

Enter a list of custom coordinates here, one per line

Reddit destinations

Add destinations from common points from Reddit

Add Pilgrim
Wiki destinations
Powered by NMS Wiki at Gamepedia wiki

Add destinations provided by redditors and wiki users

Loading info from wiki
Last known locations
Recommended locations
Active destinations
{{destination.getHexStr |call}} {{destination.distance | byfour}}ly {{destination.jumps}} jumps
> Settings
Max hyperjump distance (ly)
Type or select the max hyperjump distance that your ship hyperdrives can handle.

Current Galaxy
Type or select the current Galaxy you are in (with Euclid being number 1).

Local Mode grid size
Type or select the grid size in regions (NxN) for the local map mode. You will appear there if you are in N/2 radius!

Galaxy Map height in pixels
Type or select the height size of the galaxy map. Solves streched maps ;)

> Tips
If you want to support me on doing websites like this. You can do it here.
Thanks in advance!
Payments are handled by PayPal.
PayPal takes itself a chunk of each transaction (0.30$).
> Help
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> Portal glyph translations
Input your wanted destination in full 4-block format (ABCD:ABCD:ABCD:ABCD), and the selected planet to visit.
If you are unsure or dont have the 4th block, use value "79" which is always a black hole.
Value "1" for planet is always there


This is your sequence to call the location {{humanGalAddr}} , planet index {{humanPlanet}}
Looking for a Hub or civilization?
Search and select it on the civilizations tab